Salvation in Christ alone

Psalm 32:1-11 This is a psalm of David. He is contemplating on the blessedness of salvation and the security he has in the Lord. Sin has brought separation of man from God. With sin in man it is impossible to reconcile God and man again. Sin in man has to be atoned for. David says, … Continue reading Salvation in Christ alone


COVID 19 has dictated the world in its own terms. An uninvited guest which has become part and parcel of our daily living. It has stolen the joy from the people. And injected fear, anxiety and turmoil all over the world. It stationed the worship services, businesses, manufacturing, travelling, celebrations and what not? The world … Continue reading CHRIST & COVID – 19

Right Person for a Right Job

2Corinth 8: 16-24 The raising of this special “relief fund” was a cooperative effort of the Gentile churches. After encouraging the believers to give to the ministry. Paul now wants right persons to handle all the offerings given by the churches. Anyone handling God’s money has to possess the following qualifications, be it a church, … Continue reading Right Person for a Right Job

Marks of Christian Ministry

2 Corinth 6:1-10 Ministry in this world is never an easy task. It has lot of challenges, trials, temptations, tumult, sleeplessness, imprisonments, fasting, labour, hostility, tribulations, hatred and much more. But it is very interesting to note that Paul and his companions faced every kind of things against them yet they have not lost their … Continue reading Marks of Christian Ministry

Ministry of Reconciliation in Christ

2 Corinth 5:11-21 In this portion of the text Paul reminds about the ministry of reconciliation of Christ. Christ is the source of all spiritual blessings. We are saved and are reconciled to God through Christ. God has not rewarded us what we actually deserve (judgement for sin) but he forgave us not imputing our … Continue reading Ministry of Reconciliation in Christ

Motives of a Minister

2 Corinth 4:1-18 Paul discusses about the type of ministry which is entrusted to him. Few lessons to glean from the ministry of Paul and his companions are, Paul’s martyrdom 1. Honesty in everything (vs 2) 2. Handling God’s Word faithfully (vs 2) 3. Preaching not themselves but Christ (Vs 5) 4. Experiencing Suffering from … Continue reading Motives of a Minister

Christians are Epistles of Christ

2 Corinthians 3:1-18 This chapter speaks about responsibility and the ministry of believers in Christ. Believers in Christ are epistles of Christ. It is to say that a believer has to shine forth the goodness of God in and through his life. When a person places his faith in the finished work of Christ, he … Continue reading Christians are Epistles of Christ