Salvation in Christ alone

Psalm 32:1-11 This is a psalm of David. He is contemplating on the blessedness of salvation and the security he has in the Lord. Sin has brought separation of man from God. With sin in man it is impossible to reconcile God and man again. Sin in man has to be atoned for. David says, … Continue reading Salvation in Christ alone

Necessity of New Birth

Nicodemus who was a Pharisee and a religious leader comes to Jesus by night to clarify who Jesus really is. This late night conference has a lot to teach us even today. The conversation started off with Nicodemus’ statement but Jesus speaks the very thing Nicodemus longed to hear. It’s about the New Birth! New … Continue reading Necessity of New Birth

Zeal of thine House

John 2:13-23 Jesus and his family came to Jerusalem for Passover festival. Jesus stood against any man-made tradition but He obeyed the Law. The temple area is filled with businesses which helped the temple sacrifices and offerings. It is a place where Gentiles worship the Lord and where Jews get to meet the Gentiles to … Continue reading Zeal of thine House